Life is geweldig (amazing) *Skype for Christmas*

Skype with Jess 006

We were able to Skype with Jess this morning.   What a wonderful Christmas present!   She seemed so happy.    Her favorite word to say was “amazing”.    Everything was amazing: the food, the people, the scenery, the ward, the bishop, the investigators and her companion.   The only complaint she had was when the ducks are mean.  She said they try to bite her pedals and her legs.  “Ducks are everywhere!!!”

Skype with Jess 014

She told us there is a moat around the church building.   She said there are streams, canals and lakes everywhere.    The most interesting food she’d eaten recently was a tomato full of shrimp and fish.  Her favorite thing is chocolate milk and cookie butter, which is kind of like peanut butter.    She was happy to tell Jake they do have cereal in Holland, but milk is sold by the liter and it’s VERY expensive.

Her companion is super nice and has been out for 3 months.

She has 4 baptisms coming up in January, and is very excited for the investigators.

The language is so difficult, but her trainer says that she can speak more than she realizes. She can understand about 80% of what people say to her! She’s on her way!

She sends her love!


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