First area: Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Holy cow…. I’m in NL!
Sometimes, when we’re riding our bikes and I  look to the right and see apartments and to the left see green fields with sheep and cows and a cute little bony, I can’t believe it! Then the rain starts again and I do.
Ha, ha! I love it here. It’s SO DIFFERENT! Ah. Where to begin???
How bout the plane?:) ok. flying over the rockies was gorgeous
Inline image 2
I was blessed with window seats on both flights (1st to Seattle, the 2nd to Amsterdam) and I sat next to an MTC buddy of mine, Sister Dobler on both flights! No awkward large person or some stranger sleeping on me!
I couldn’t get a pic of this, but I saw the northern lights!!! i can’t remember what time it was but I woke up during th 9 hr flight to Amsterdam and out the window was a beautiful, beyond beautiful, band of green and blue! It was amazing. It, in a funny way, reminding me of eternity and secured my testimony of hymn #284 (there is no end…).
Well, we landed in AMS and no one knew what to do next. No one around us was speaking ENG and no one from our group wanted to try out their MTC Dutch, so we stood there for a minute. Then finally, I went to a counter and did my best to ask, in Dutch, where the baggage claim was. The woman smiled at me and pointed to a sign and said “follow that.”   Haha!! So, then I led the 20 new missionaries to the baggage claim where after we were met by President and Sister Robinson:) They took us to the train (trains here are amazing!) and we rode to Leiden and then walked to the hotel where we were trained, but since I was half a sleep, I have no idea what we were taught. We went to Rijswijk for legality things, then were able to take a 2 hour nap! Much needed and did wonders for me. Dinner was salmon, tomatoes, and fried spiniach with cheesy sauce. Delicous. Yes, I ate the whole thing. Plus the icecream and pudding thing for dessert:)
I am serving in Zoetermeer! It is the city with the Temple:) I have been very blessed to be here. Our apartment is one of the nicer ones and I got a bike! This is me riding it.:) I look terrible, but it’s raining and I just ate, so yeah.
Inline image 5
We have 10 progressing investigators and one has a baptismal date!! or doop datum:) haha can’t wait. I’ll write a letter about them, but ah! It’s so fun!
I am so blessed. Very spoiled. The Lord shows me even in the rain that He is here, riding right along side me. Probably even peddling for me:) .
I have been fed richly both spiritually and physically:)
Love you all so very much!
Tot ziens van Zoetemeer!

Zr. Faa (yep, I am already being called that!)


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