Service for Thanksgiving

Hallo jullie!!

This week literally flew by! One of the other Dutchie sisters told me that we have 72 weeks left of our missions…..and that is not a lot! Wow!
Elder Oaks spoke to us at this week’s Tuesday Devotional. It was a very cool experience to hear him speak to us, plus the 13 other MTC’s around the world. He spoke on the importance of realizing that we–we, him, us, you, me–are servants to Jesus Christ. He was very specific that we are servants for the Savior. “We follow Christ. We serve Christ. We testify of Christ.”
Sister Jones and I have had a great time getting to know our new sisters, affectionately called “Swedes” or “Nords,” they have such energy! Being a Sister Training Leader keeps us busy and focused, no time for anything else but smiling, service, and the Gospel. It is truly a blessing to see the sisters so happy and peppy, because some days at 9:30pm I just want to fall on the floor and curl up and sleep, but then they remind me that I had a good day and I can do it all again tomorrow. We have some very sweet spirits in our midst.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow??!! Wow!! Time goes by so fast. Honestly.
The entire MTC will be doing a service project for Feeding People Everywhere–our goal is to make 350,000 sack-meals. I’ll explain more next week or maybe it will be on the news or the paper or something. Look it up after tomorrow🙂
Love you all!! Count your blessings, because you have many. I have too many. My heart is so full. My Heavenly Father truly loves us and knows exactly what it is we need to get through what He would have us do in this life. I love Him–ik hou van Hem–and I will serve Him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength–ik zal Hem met al mijn hart, macht, verstand, en kracht dienst. 
Zucess voor jullie! Good luck for you all!
Ik heel veel hou van en bedankt voor u! I love and am so grateful to you all!
Z. Faa
flight plansFlight plans!!!!

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