Beginning to teach

Letter from Zuster Faasavalu 11-12-14:
My day started off with an hour of piano. It was amazing. Sister Gates–going to Norway–and Sister Mann–going to Denmark–both in my zone, asked me last week to accompany them in a special musical number for a violin and flute duet. Ahhhh, it’s lovely. Plus, it’s “Come Thou Fount”–so I love it even more. It feels so good to do something that I love while serving the Lord whom I love. πŸ™‚ S. Gate’s mother sent her another piece of music for “I know that my redeemer lives” and oh boy–we sightread it (played it through all of us for the first time) and it was by darn almost perfect. I was crying by the end. It was amazing. I testify that music can work the Spirit in a way that words cannot. ah. πŸ™‚
Sister Jones and I have two new investigators, Maxine and Fabien. Both are amazing women. Max is more prepared that Fabien, I think. She took the discussions 5 years ago and was about to be baptized, but she slipped up with her boyfriend and did not go through with the baptism. She is very, very humble and shy, but I felt impressed to tell her that God loves her no matter what and that we loved her and were there and are there to help answer any questions or help her with anything else she might need. She started crying and told us that she was glad we visited with her. We teach her again tonight, and plan on talking about how God forgives and loves us. We are also going to see if she’ll recommit to baptism! ah!
Fabien does not believe that God or religion is important to her, but knows that when she met some sister missionaries on the street that she felt something good. Not sure where we are going with her, but good thing the Spirit will be here to help us prepare and gives us the Dutch words to say!
Hope you like the pics:)
Love you all and ….
“Mogen God zegen jullie leven met liefde!”
(May God bless all your lives with love!)
Zuster Faa
Provo temple MTC Sisters

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