Stool sample for Belgium

Email from Zuster Faasavalu 11-5-14:

Hallo mijn familie en vriends!

Ik goede doen en mijn leven heir CRAZY is…haha
(I’m doing good and my life here is CRAZY!)
MTC life is……a challenge.
The food is way too good, but thank goodness they have a gym and a track and weights and yoga mats:)
I had a breakdown a couple of days ago, just from stress and Dutch and everything about my life being so different. But Sunday–ah, Sunday–was wonderful. My companion, Sister Jones, and I went to the Church film “Character of Christ” by Elder Bednar. I was falling asleep through the beginning, but then he said something that made me wake up right quick.Paraphrased a bit…
“No one cares what you want. Forget yourself and what you want and figure out what others want. Your work is for, on, about, and of Christ.”
So…basically I felt chastised for being down and discouraged and frustrated with myself and his words helped immensely. We also, the whole MTC, attended two devotionals yesterday (Tuesday). One was at BYU (yes! we left campus for an hour!!!) with Elder David F. Evans and his talk about “tenacity” and the other with Elder Christoffel Golden and his talk about “ye are called.”
I sang in the choir:) “Be Still, My Soul” ahhhhh I love singing.
Anyway, I am pumped now and ready and loving the work. At times I hate the MTC, but at other times I love it and can think of no other place I’d rather be. Well, sometimes home-home would be nice, but then I read D&C 100:1-2, and I stop thinking about home-home and start thinking about Heaven and how I’m coming closer to getting there through my service and training.
Sister Jones and I have taught our investigator 3 times since last week. Her name is Beja and she is really a member, acting as a real–Dutch–investigator. She only speaks Dutch. Only Dutch. Only. Dutch.
But, a very, very wonderful thing happened during our first lesson with her (and it also happened the first day of Dutch instruction). I understood everything she said.
And I’m not sure how or why or what in the world happened, but I answered her questions and I bore my testimony to her of the Book of Mormon–all in Dutch!
The Lord moves in mysterious ways. I truly believe I have been given the Gift of Tongues already and for that I am so grateful. I have been able to help my district as well as myself learn and remember this new beautiful language.
Oh, and Elder Evans quoted Elder Holland:
“You keep walking.
You keep trying.
You keep your head up.”
And that is what I’m trying to do.
I haven’t heard anything about my visa, except that my whole district is suppose to give a stool sample for Belgium’s visa….. disgusting.    The Dutchies here call it “Magic Tuesday”.   You should tell the uncles and Gpa about that.   We have to give our poop to Belgium….. UGH, that’s terrible!
Love you all!!! Be safe and know that I am in the Lord’s hands and loving it:)
Ik weet dat hemelse Vader leven en dat Hij mij houd van. Ik weet dat Christus mijn sterke is. Wij kunnen ales dingen doen, met Hem. Hih mihn sterke en psalm is. Hij mij heil ook. Ik houd van Christus, mijn Heiland, en mijn Vader in de Hemel. Ik ben Zijn zendelingen! Ik zal predik zijn evangelie!! 🙂
Zuster Jessica Marie Faasavalu

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