Service for Thanksgiving

Hallo jullie!!

This week literally flew by! One of the other Dutchie sisters told me that we have 72 weeks left of our missions…..and that is not a lot! Wow!
Elder Oaks spoke to us at this week’s Tuesday Devotional. It was a very cool experience to hear him speak to us, plus the 13 other MTC’s around the world. He spoke on the importance of realizing that we–we, him, us, you, me–are servants to Jesus Christ. He was very specific that we are servants for the Savior. “We follow Christ. We serve Christ. We testify of Christ.”
Sister Jones and I have had a great time getting to know our new sisters, affectionately called “Swedes” or “Nords,” they have such energy! Being a Sister Training Leader keeps us busy and focused, no time for anything else but smiling, service, and the Gospel. It is truly a blessing to see the sisters so happy and peppy, because some days at 9:30pm I just want to fall on the floor and curl up and sleep, but then they remind me that I had a good day and I can do it all again tomorrow. We have some very sweet spirits in our midst.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow??!! Wow!! Time goes by so fast. Honestly.
The entire MTC will be doing a service project for Feeding People Everywhere–our goal is to make 350,000 sack-meals. I’ll explain more next week or maybe it will be on the news or the paper or something. Look it up after tomorrow🙂
Love you all!! Count your blessings, because you have many. I have too many. My heart is so full. My Heavenly Father truly loves us and knows exactly what it is we need to get through what He would have us do in this life. I love Him–ik hou van Hem–and I will serve Him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength–ik zal Hem met al mijn hart, macht, verstand, en kracht dienst. 
Zucess voor jullie! Good luck for you all!
Ik heel veel hou van en bedankt voor u! I love and am so grateful to you all!
Z. Faa
flight plansFlight plans!!!!

Grace and Joy

Letter from Zuster Faa 11-19-14:

Well we’re 1/2 done at the MTC! Wow. Again, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days…:)

So for the past few years I have been sort of obsessed and fascinated with the idea and concept and act of “grace.” Nowadays, with grace I’ve realized comes “joy” — something I strive to find daily in my calling as a missionary. I love being happy. I love it. Satan just has a conniving way of making me unhappy with myself and what I am doing. But this week I have seen the Lord much more in everything. I love that, too.
Last night as I was trying to get to sleep, I was reading Alma 27. My head was bobbing and my eyes were drooping, but I needed to finish the chapter! I got to verse 17 and thought, “ok, I’ll finish the rest in the morning.” but then I got the feeling to reread verse 17 and end on 18. I wondered for a moment “what’s the point in that?” but was gently rebuked and felt again to reread 17 and 18. So I did. Verse 17 tells us of Ammon’s joy in seeing Alma again:
“Now the joy of Ammon was so great even that he was full; yea, he was swallowed up in the joy of his God, even to the exhausting of his strength; and he fell again to the earth.”
I read and reread this verse and couldn’t help but think, “Well I’M exhausted so….” but I pushed it away and sat up and read verse 18:
“Now was not this exceeding joy? Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness.”
I read and reread that verse and then laughed. Then I got out of bed and went to my knees and asked the Lord to forgive me for refusing to be as happy as I can and should be on the mission. I wrote the last phrase on a note-card and put it above my bed so that I’ll remember that I need humbly seek for happiness, not just expect the Lord to give it to me. 🙂 I can be happy. I should be happy. I will be happy. 😀
And, this week I received even more reason to be happy: S. Jones and I have been called as the zone Sister Training Leaders!
-14 new sisters come to the MTC today–8 for Sweden, 5 for Norway, and 1 for Denmark. We are so excited to welcome them and help them begin adjusting.
-7 sisters will be leaving for their mission fields Monday–3 to Sweden and 4 for Norway. I am glad that for the new sisters’ sakes, they will meet and learn a little from the sisters going to their same missions before they fly out.
-There are 11 “Dutchies” to add to all of those–so all in all S. Jones and I will have about 30 sisters in our zone to look after and help!
The work is pressing onward and I am getting antsy to be out of this MTC!!
2 Tim 2:3 – We are all fighting for this gospel that we know is true. We WILL win.
Herrinerin dat God houdt van ons en zult zijn hier als wij lopen tot Hem!
(very poor grammar, but hopefully Google Translate will help you understand!)
veel liefde,
Zuster Faa.
Dutch District @ temple

Beginning to teach

Letter from Zuster Faasavalu 11-12-14:
My day started off with an hour of piano. It was amazing. Sister Gates–going to Norway–and Sister Mann–going to Denmark–both in my zone, asked me last week to accompany them in a special musical number for a violin and flute duet. Ahhhh, it’s lovely. Plus, it’s “Come Thou Fount”–so I love it even more. It feels so good to do something that I love while serving the Lord whom I love. 🙂 S. Gate’s mother sent her another piece of music for “I know that my redeemer lives” and oh boy–we sightread it (played it through all of us for the first time) and it was by darn almost perfect. I was crying by the end. It was amazing. I testify that music can work the Spirit in a way that words cannot. ah. 🙂
Sister Jones and I have two new investigators, Maxine and Fabien. Both are amazing women. Max is more prepared that Fabien, I think. She took the discussions 5 years ago and was about to be baptized, but she slipped up with her boyfriend and did not go through with the baptism. She is very, very humble and shy, but I felt impressed to tell her that God loves her no matter what and that we loved her and were there and are there to help answer any questions or help her with anything else she might need. She started crying and told us that she was glad we visited with her. We teach her again tonight, and plan on talking about how God forgives and loves us. We are also going to see if she’ll recommit to baptism! ah!
Fabien does not believe that God or religion is important to her, but knows that when she met some sister missionaries on the street that she felt something good. Not sure where we are going with her, but good thing the Spirit will be here to help us prepare and gives us the Dutch words to say!
Hope you like the pics:)
Love you all and ….
“Mogen God zegen jullie leven met liefde!”
(May God bless all your lives with love!)
Zuster Faa
Provo temple MTC Sisters

Stool sample for Belgium

Email from Zuster Faasavalu 11-5-14:

Hallo mijn familie en vriends!

Ik goede doen en mijn leven heir CRAZY is…haha
(I’m doing good and my life here is CRAZY!)
MTC life is……a challenge.
The food is way too good, but thank goodness they have a gym and a track and weights and yoga mats:)
I had a breakdown a couple of days ago, just from stress and Dutch and everything about my life being so different. But Sunday–ah, Sunday–was wonderful. My companion, Sister Jones, and I went to the Church film “Character of Christ” by Elder Bednar. I was falling asleep through the beginning, but then he said something that made me wake up right quick.Paraphrased a bit…
“No one cares what you want. Forget yourself and what you want and figure out what others want. Your work is for, on, about, and of Christ.”
So…basically I felt chastised for being down and discouraged and frustrated with myself and his words helped immensely. We also, the whole MTC, attended two devotionals yesterday (Tuesday). One was at BYU (yes! we left campus for an hour!!!) with Elder David F. Evans and his talk about “tenacity” and the other with Elder Christoffel Golden and his talk about “ye are called.”
I sang in the choir:) “Be Still, My Soul” ahhhhh I love singing.
Anyway, I am pumped now and ready and loving the work. At times I hate the MTC, but at other times I love it and can think of no other place I’d rather be. Well, sometimes home-home would be nice, but then I read D&C 100:1-2, and I stop thinking about home-home and start thinking about Heaven and how I’m coming closer to getting there through my service and training.
Sister Jones and I have taught our investigator 3 times since last week. Her name is Beja and she is really a member, acting as a real–Dutch–investigator. She only speaks Dutch. Only Dutch. Only. Dutch.
But, a very, very wonderful thing happened during our first lesson with her (and it also happened the first day of Dutch instruction). I understood everything she said.
And I’m not sure how or why or what in the world happened, but I answered her questions and I bore my testimony to her of the Book of Mormon–all in Dutch!
The Lord moves in mysterious ways. I truly believe I have been given the Gift of Tongues already and for that I am so grateful. I have been able to help my district as well as myself learn and remember this new beautiful language.
Oh, and Elder Evans quoted Elder Holland:
“You keep walking.
You keep trying.
You keep your head up.”
And that is what I’m trying to do.
I haven’t heard anything about my visa, except that my whole district is suppose to give a stool sample for Belgium’s visa….. disgusting.    The Dutchies here call it “Magic Tuesday”.   You should tell the uncles and Gpa about that.   We have to give our poop to Belgium….. UGH, that’s terrible!
Love you all!!! Be safe and know that I am in the Lord’s hands and loving it:)
Ik weet dat hemelse Vader leven en dat Hij mij houd van. Ik weet dat Christus mijn sterke is. Wij kunnen ales dingen doen, met Hem. Hih mihn sterke en psalm is. Hij mij heil ook. Ik houd van Christus, mijn Heiland, en mijn Vader in de Hemel. Ik ben Zijn zendelingen! Ik zal predik zijn evangelie!! 🙂
Zuster Jessica Marie Faasavalu


First letter from the MTC:

Hallo Familie!

I am here!  I am alive!  I am overwhelmed, but I have a GREAT comp, Zuster Jones.   She is shorter than me (imagine that!) She loves running and cereal!    She went to BYU last year and is 19.

My first class……   My instructor, Zuster Moses, only spoke Dutch— but I understood almost every word!    Spraken (speaking) is another matter.   But I will get it, I will get it.

Love you all!

The masi saved me today!  🙂

More later!  (P-day is Wednesday)

Much love,

Zuster Faa    (my district calls me that)

Last few hours together as a family.
Last few hours together as a family.

Jess leaving for mission Oct 29 2014 029